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Product Launch: Fabricate Buzz Around Your New Product with SMS

01 January 2022

Product launch: have you ever taken into consideration how you may turbocharge your Go-to-Market planning with text messaging?

Launching a brand new product is a completely thrilling time, whether or not you’re a brand new startup or an current agency increasing your product range. But did you recognize that of the tens of hundreds of recent merchandise released each year, simplest 5% succeed?

The key to fulfillment whilst launching a brand new product into your marketplace is planning. And even as the layout and advent of your new product (inclusive of services) are essential, and do take time and effort, you should now no longer overlook to devise for and put into effect powerful product marketing.

Text messaging is one of the most cost-efficient, ROI-rich marketing tactics for new product launches. Why?

  • Open rates for text messages are 98%, with near 100% delivery rates.
  • SMS campaign conversion rates average almost 30% and can be as high as 45%.
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 seconds of receipt.
  • SMS marketing strategies are considerably more successful than email and other direct marketing channels.

Your product launch marketing requires a broad approach – and an SMS tactic must be part of this.

What is a Go-to-Market Plan?

With such a lot of new merchandise hitting the marketplace all of the time, you want to make certain that your presenting stands proud and is straightforward to access. It need to be memorable and leading edge in consumers’ minds even earlier than it launches.

Whether the product you're launching is a bodily product or a service, a great product release calls for a robust Go-to-Market (GTM) plan. This plan maps out precisely which steps are required to release a brand new product.

Launching a new product or service requires you to do one major thing…


And what better way to do that than via SMS?

Planning to Launch a New Product

Bulk texts sent as part of your product launch strategy helps you bring your new offering front and centre with your target market. While having a comprehensive strategy exploiting several marketing channels is important, text messaging elicits by far the greatest ROI.

Before you implement your GTM SMS plan, you need to plan ahead:
  • Define your target audience to enable direction and consistency in your marketing.
  • Cater your messaging approach to your target audience in terms of channel and tone.
  • Always comply with your brand identity.
  • Understand the problem for which your offering delivers a solution.
  • Understand the buyer journey.
  • Build your subscriber list.
  • Affect a high-value point of difference between your offering and marketing and that of your competitors.
  • Be creative and original.
  • Know – and tell – your unique story.
  • Have a plan to track the success of your campaign.
SMS Ideas for Product Launch

When it comes in your SMS plan and the kinds of messages you ship out, you're restrained most effective with the aid of using your imagination!

Here are simply 15 examples of the kinds of messages you can ship in your subscriber list. We propose selecting some distinctive kinds of messages to maximize your product advertising and marketing efforts, however take note of sending messages too frequently.

1. Teaser Content

Many advertisers like to begin their communications with a teaser message; some thing barely cryptic that receives humans considering what's coming, with out giving an excessive amount of away.

This may want to paintings properly when you have a base of clients and are launching a product that enhances different merchandise they had been involved in. Or in case you are launching a product from a famous brand.

2. Product Introduction

If you've got got a lesser-recognized emblem or product, you could need to begin your communications plan with a product introduction, riding the cost that the product brings in your customers. Send a welcome message to introduce your new, upcoming product and alert the recipients to the release date in addition to upcoming specials and VIP deals.

3. Fun Facts

These are “preview” messages that whet the urge for food of clients in your new product and lift consciousness and anticipation for it to land. If your product has many benefits, in place of looking to cram them into one message, use every function as a a laugh truth and spotlight the advantage to the customer.

4. Countdown

Countdowns to release day (eg. one hundred days, 50 days, 21 days, 10 days, and 1 or three days) are a wonderful manner to construct exhilaration. These messages are in particular powerful in case your clients had been on a waitlist for this product.

For example, you requested clients whether or not they might be inclined to shop for a proposed product (as a part of your product studies stage) and brought them to a waitlist. Now, this product is nearing its release date. Letting those clients realize how lots longer they want to attend will now no longer handiest construct exhilaration however deliver them an concept of ways lengthy the wait will be. Further, they may admire that their comments become used, supporting to create an emotional funding on your product (and your business!)

5. Familiarise Your Brand

Send out a “did you know?” kind message with a hyperlink in your About Us web page (don’t overlook to apply our hyperlink shortener to song click on through 😎). This allows to foster a dating among your clients and your logo, without doing a tough income push.

This is in particular powerful in case your commercial enterprise has a unusual logo character otherwise you get concerned in community/charity events. Less so in case your About Us web page could be very company in nature.

6. Product Launch Reminder

Invite recipients to click on a link to add a launch day reminder to their calendar. If you’re sending a countdown series of texts, this type of message is superfluous.

However, for products that have limited stock or require quick action, having customers set up a reminder may help them avoid missing out.

7. VIP Content

Make your textual content message advertising target target market sense more unique with an invite on your VIP release event – whether or not it’s in man or woman or online, to get admission to the brand new product earlier than anybody else can.

8. Launch Announcement

Broadcast that your state-of-the-art product has released and is AVAILABLE NOW! Don’t neglect about to make it as clean as viable in your clients to take action. Tell them precisely the way to collect the brand new product with a robust name to action. For example: in case you need human beings to shop for your new product to your eCommerce store, consist of a hyperlink to the product web page and inform them to shop for it now.

9. Thank You Message

Thank all customers who have ordered your new product on VIP and launch days, or attended an event and provide shipping updates.

10. Collect User-Generated Content (UGC)

Invite your clients to post pictures so one can use to your social profiles to similarly put it on the market your product. If you may get your product customers to ship you photographs or motion pictures of your product, or some thing they created the use of your product, that’s a first rate resource. Give your advertising content material a few diversity; with the polished content material, you create round your product and UGC displaying outstanding, genuine content material out withinside the actual world. Plus UGC is outstanding for social evidence of your content material.

This works nicely if senders verify which you are loose to apply and repurpose this content material but you notice fit. For reference, GoPro does a outstanding task at leveraging UGC. Like them, you may incentivise sending in content material through growing a opposition or giving discounts.

11. Social Sharing

Similar to collecting user-generated content, when your customers endorse your product, it sends a strong signal to their network that your product is worth looking into (and hopefully buying!).

Ask customers to tag your company in their Facebook or Instagram photos with your product using a unique hashtag you’ve created for this specific purpose, and feature these on your profiles. It also serves to help build a community around your business.

12. Invite Reviews

Word of mouth is powerful; even if your product isn’t suited to UGC or social media, potential customers may be seeking out others’ feedback on your product or business. Use SMS to request customer testimonials for your website, on 3rd party review sites or even on social media.

Bonus: if your business gets good reviews on Google and 3rd-party review platforms, there may be additional benefits to your marketing efforts:

  • Google Customer Reviews are often visible in the right panel next to search results and thus are often what searchers see first about your business!
  • SEO: according to Moz, reviews are taken into account for local business searches 15.44% of the time!
  • Google Ads: ever wondered how to get those gold stars in your ads? Google sources feedback from their own, as well as other review platforms like Trustpilot. Once you reach a certain threshold, the stars may appear in your listing.
13. Refer a Friend

Once you’ve had your successful product launch, there’s still an opportunity to maximise sales via text message.

In case we didn’t hit home about the power of referral… another opportunity to get more leads is through your current customer base. Generate these new leads by offering perks and discounts via SMS when subscribers refer a friend.

A particularly popular way of doing this is through incentives that are only valid if two people purchase (similar to buy one, get one-half price).

14. Seek Feedback via Polls and Surveys

Ask customers what kinds of products they want to see next, or which of two product offerings you prefer. These are informative for you and fun for consumers.

Or use surveys to gauge how happy your customers are with their new product, or whether you should consider adjustments.

15. Prime for Future Launches

Set the groundwork for your next offering by thanking your customers and sowing the seeds to “watch this space”.

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