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Using A2P Messaging to Retain Existing Customers

06 August 2021

The facts are there staring businesses in the face year after year yet still so many ignore them: their existing customers are most likely going to spend more than any new customer will.

We don't understand approximately you but too many of us locate that on the subject of the renewal of our vehicle or home coverage policies (for example), that renewal charge usually appears to be heading in one route – upwards. Positive industries appear greater notorious than others for imparting modern customers the freshest of deals whilst their current customers’ loyalty is too regularly taxed, their best ‘reward’ being higher pricing. Not an excellent look I'm certain you'll agree. Happily even though matters are changing, some brands go out of their manner to make a factor of bringing up of their advertising and ongoing client engagement that they offer present customers the same offers as new ones. Those who watched a sure March insanity advert all remaining month, will know what I am talking about.

A plethora of research shows simply how treasured your current consumer base can be – providing of course this is your customers feel well sorted and preferred. Loyal clients will come lower back in your business over and over to make purchases and have a clear tendency to spend extra money. The monetary value of modern-day vs. new customers

Your present customers are between three instances and ten instances more likely to buy than a chilly lead (source: Martech these days). If that wasn’t sufficient impetus to make you sit up straight and realize the possibility at hand, they're 50% more likely to shop for new products and spend 33% more than new clients. Now take that everyone in…

It's all about the relationships you have along with your customers. A valued customer trusts your business implicitly and believes that you offer superior products/solutions and service compared to competitors. Given millions of people with little or no prior experience in the digital world have been thrust unceremoniously into it because of occasions of the beyond 12 months (brick-and-mortar establishments shut, and many others.), this has spread out a brand new international of choice many never knew they had. Your logo these days, therefore, has to work tougher than ever to stay relevant and on clients’ minds. All this can only be achieved through the art of conversation.

Finding the right channel to communicate

The Day of brands preaching one manner have ended and it’s all approximately conversational commerce now. Strong relationships are not often constructed overnight and as a result how you communicate in your customers (whether current or capacity) speaks volumes approximately what you stand for. Using channels that humans are already acquainted with, those that have a wonderful music document of delivering advanced patron engagement and conversion charges is a should. And that is in which Growtele Enterprise solution and Omni channel solution in reality will let you meet your commercial enterprise goals. Take A2P SMS, chat apps like WhatsApp, and Google Business.

Engaging with your customers via the channel(s) they're comfortable with, making sure your content has actual price for them that both surprises and delights, and retaining the frequency and timing of communications in check and cozy are key substances in a hit mobile engagement. No matter the business you are involved in, or the shape and structure of your employer, you cannot pass incorrect following those words of advice.

Growtele has been in the world of enterprise messaging for many years now and our experience with companies round the world has proven us what works and what does now not work. Depend on our team’s understanding that will help you ensure you concentrate for your personal clients’ desires and have a tendency to them as excellent as humanly possible. Don't forget, it’s about building and keeping that relationship, maintaining two-way avenues of conversation open. The entice and importance of bringing on new customers are sturdy and a essential growth component of any business but the significance of retaining your current customer base happy and loyal must be the backbone of any brand. Your clients need to be in your view and mind at all times. By no means forget that in any other case, your competitors will take complete benefit of this. And unexpectedly

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