The Next Stage in Banking!

It's the facility used by many financial sectors to send messages, alerts, or notifications to client's mobile phones with the help of our smart services that include SMS, Email, Voice message, and WhatsApp. This enables clients to make some transactions across and get benefits.

Simplify complex scenarios
throughout the journey.

Banking & SMS

Customer Security

With rise on cyber-crime, security is must for any business. Customer security is our priority and hence, we make your banking transaction secure through advance features like generated OTP.

Alerts through SMS

For all the services in banking, we are here to help you cater to clients across the country. Our SMS messaging service is provided to all your clients for letting them know about important alerts regarding banking and transaction.

Security through OTP

We providing you the service with which you can send a one-time password (OTP) for every transaction that customers will make for confirmation of their identity.

Short Link Support

Make use of short link service of banking site, which will directly land to customer’s message box. This will increase interactive communication with your customers and provide information and alerts directly through SMS.

Banking & E-Mail

Transactional Emails

With every transaction of customers, we are providing service of transaction email for confirmation and information of payment/account no (any banking details) through emails to your clients in a matter of seconds.

Secure Emails

For convenience, we are providing a secure email service for you in which you can send a transaction, payment details, account no securely. It ensures confidential information transmission.

Easy method

We are providing an email service for client’s easy operation, with the help of a single click you can be able to transmit information within seconds securely. It's one of the time-saving ways to update, check and use your banking information to do some financial work in an easy manner.

Brand Story Emails

Make an awesome brand story email for your banking sector through our service that will explain complete information about your bank, its branch address, etc. You can send this email to all new clients to get them to know more about the bank.

Banking & Voice

Increase clients

Do you know just with our voice-assisted calls and recordings service you can increase you no. of clients of your bank and get benefit from it.

Integrate Calls Easily

To increase sales, you can try out our service of voice-assisted calling. This service involves integrated voice-assisted calls through which the client will get ample desired information regarding banking-related terms.

Make It Personal

You can reach out to your valuable clients through calls. Voice Recorded messages make a personal connection with clients which will be beneficial for you and your bank.

Easy to Deliver

One can send bank information and bank-related terms that are hard to understand which new bank account openers are facing with the help of a simple voice call message.

Banking & Whatsapp

Enhance Security

Simply by texting security no or account no on WhatsApp, you can protect your account from loss and also block your account in case of fraud emergency and enhance your banking security through WhatsApp.

Sale To Right Audience

On one touch you can reach out to the right audience and tell them about your WhatsApp banking through our service. Grow your clients with our auto-responder WhatsApp facility.

Uninterrupted services

Internet is everywhere and thus banking also has introduced WhatsApp banking. Now you can avail all banking facilities easily with our service.

Convenient method

Get in touch with the clients with our quick link support service through WhatsApp. It is a convenient and secure platform to manage all your banking facilities services.

Two-way authentication!

Activate Faster

You can increase your bank clients with our smart services of SMS, Email, Voice calls, and Whatsapp with the feature of two-way authentication.