Incredible SMS Service that’s truly unique

Integrate and deliver the messages via API in minutes, Growth infrastructure offers excellent support to global clients to reach their customers with scalable and impactful SMS Services. Over 300+ clients already used our SMS service and got immense responses from their customers.


We hope you enjoyed your trip to Singapore. Please share your feedback http://growtele/sms


We hope you enjoyed your trip to Singapore. Please share your feedback http://growtele/sms

Equate people who strive to get resolutions with Advanced SMS Solutions

Transactional SMS

We have designed the secure way of delivering real-time alerts using SMS to help businesses implement a dependable picture. We maintain the consistency of sending transactional messages to the bank, appointment alerts, billing dues. We never fail to send transactional alerts to customers for their essential updates on any transactions with your business.

OTP Authentications

We know that online business platforms, enterprises, and working sectors are progressing rapidly. Therefore, we offer the secure platform that enables the successful delivery of OTP and related authentication SMS to ensure the end-security of your business. We provide flexibility and freedom for your business with our real-time OTP support SMS Service.

Promotional SMS Service

We analyze the performance of different campaigns to convert them into loyal customers. Utilize the standard Messaging Service to promote the brands, products that your business has offered. We provide outstanding service to customer's businesses, and our sole aim is to promote your business on large platforms to increase your business, engagement, and rocket sales.

2 Way Messaging Service

With our secure SMS Service, you can make your SMS campaign engaging with your customers. You can incorporate a 2-say setup that will enable you to send and receive the SMS utilizing the dedicated long and short messages with the focus keywords. These will be valuable to you as you can contribute an infinite personalized perception to your campaign.


On-time Delivery

Clients will quickly check the delivery of the message in real-time with a scalable platform.

SLA Management

Offer to manage entirely services and solutions provided for clients with measured and alignment.

Secured SMS

Multiple secured messaged delivery options that contain the secure connection to the client's services.

Smart URL

We offer an intelligent URL received as part of a text message, URL received, preceded by HTTP/HTML.


The API integration supported to connect using HTTP/HTML and integrate your business our APIs that cater to many businesses' use cases.

Text language editor

We offer you the text language editor to implement the custom messages and edit them with updated data.

Custom SMS

Support customized messages; it will give you the freedom to explain your business details.

Best Connections

Our updated software APIs ensure rapid delivery and reliability using multiple backup routes.


Quick communications
Our company's communications services are straightforward to access, and our clients utilized them very securely.
Enhanced Collaborations
Equipped with the latest technology demanded collaboration for any business, optimal productivity, and enhanced customer relationships.
High-tech Scalability, Security, and Reliability
We understand the scaling of the business. With the help of these three key points, clients successfully proliferate.
Accessible for all sectors
Our integrated telecommunications services are utilized the latest technologies that support all sectors of enterprises and businesses.