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Using our Service, your healthcare sector can be able to offer easy resolutions to the queries, questions, appointment time, and doubts of the patient regardless of the time of the day and location of the patient. All the medical reports can be shared with patients within a minute with the help of SMS, Email, Voice message, and WhatsApp facility.

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Healthcare & SMS

Maximize Patient Data Security

With the help of our SMS service, you can make use of two-factor authentication to protect your valuable patient, health center, and clinic data secure and safe.

Improve Appointment Attendance

You can use appointment reminders to reduce no-shows by up to 50% with our SMS service-providing facility. It can help to improve attendance for the appointment of your patient.

Streamline Operation

This SMS service will help to build easy notifications and updates regarding the management of staff members and others. It will streamline your operation according to you.

Integrate text messages

In this, we will provide an SMS service that consists of customizing messages for your health care center that will be used to increase interactive communication with you and staff regarding urgent notification.

Healthcare & E-Mail

Secure Email service

We are providing you the best email service. It consists of emails that give basic information about appointment reminders, payment receipt, check-up time, and their medical reminders to your patient for security purposes.

Two-way Service

This email service involves engagement with all your patients that have visit your healthcare centre nearby. Make use of our email service to let the patient know about changes in check-up timings, health check-up camps happenings, and many more.

Improve communication with the patient

This email service involves automated, customized lead nurturing emails with enough information through a set of emails to your patients. This email helps to keep in touch with patients and track interactions without clinic visits.

Share more Information

Make use of email service that will cut through your patient to deliver more information, updates to resources. You can use this for sharing more information without visiting in person.

Healthcare & Voice

Interactive Voice Response

We are providing Voice assisted call service for all health care centres that will help you to make interact with your clients and answer their queries regarding their health issues.

Easy Provide Information

With our voice-assisted message service, you can provide information and guidance without taking much time for staff, appointment times, new health check-up camps nearby, the latest illness history, etc.

Provide 24/7 Access

Introducing Voice message providing service that will give healthcare facilities interactive and mobile functionality in case of emergency. With this one can get emergency access to doctors and clinics.

Maximize Productivity

Our service of voice-assisted calls handles much of your routine work that typically consumes much time, healthcare centre staff can able to do other stuff quickly, hence increased productivity.

Healthcare & Whatsapp

Enhance Communication

For communication WhatsApp is a better option especially when the patient is a health risk, all medical staff should be able to communicate through this platform.

Uninterrupted Facility

You can send important clinic addresses, medicines names over WhatsApp and get urgent help with that. It's used for interaction without any kind of interruption.

Addressing FAQs

We are offering WhatsApp service for healthcare sectors so that they can answer all the basic queries, questions of their patients in an easy manner within a minute. You can also provide appointment reminders over WhatsApp.

Easy Access to Health Data

Our WhatsApp facility allows healthcare centers to access patient's health data and relevant information about their patient. This enables health care centers to provide the right care to the patient.

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